Migrateful Co-Designed Evaluation

What is the research about?

Migrateful is a charity that runs cooking classes to support vulnerable migrant chefs help shift attitudes towards migration. This study works with a range of Migrateful’s beneficiaries to understand and articulate the potential for scaling Migrateful’s impact in this area. This will articulate what works well currently, and what is most impactful in benefiting refugees as well as shifting attitudes towards Migration. The research seeks to practically advise and support Migrateful to improve and scale its offer across the UK, and potentially beyond.

What is the research approach?
The methodology for this study is unique, in that it is co-produced and done with and not ‘to’ the key agents and actors in the field site (cookery classes across the UK, in Kent, Bristol and in London where the Migrateful Cookery School is). The approach is in line with the ethos and values of co-produced research. This is particularly important given the asymmetries of power at stake, and the fact that many migrants and refugees will have prior and past experience of their stories being denied, appropriated or otherwise ignored. It blends qualitative social research methodologies in an innovative way, combining site-based ethnography with confidential and anonymised interviews with a range of participants, with visits to 20 field sites (online as well as site-based and face to face).

Where next with this research?
The study is ongoing, and a published paper will be made available on this website at the time of publication.

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