Reimagining Liverpool City Council’s Civic Data Cooperative

What is the research about?

In January 2020, the UK’s Liverpool City Region’s combined authority announced new plans for a civic data cooperative (CDC), led by the University of Liverpool, to enable the analysis of anonymised health and social care data. The aim of the CDC is to benefit both society and the economy by aligning this work with public and societal expectations. It will do this through innovative citizen participation and the principles of cooperativism. 

What is the research approach? The field of data stewardship is new and emerging; Liverpool is leading the way in exploring how to ensure effective data stewardship for large populations for health and social care purposes. It was with this in mind that we worked with Involve and the University of Liverpool to think through what the role of participation might be in the delivery of a ‘civic data cooperative’. This was informed by exploratory workshops as well as an evidence review.

Where next with this research?

The research paper on the role of participation in shaping Liverpool’s Civic Data Cooperative is published online here.

A summary blog on Involve’s website is also available here.

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